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"I will testify of your goodness"

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  1. Your path shall continue to shine more and more in all areas of your life
  2. Things that eyes have not seen nor ears heard shall become the order of the day in your life
  3. The plan of the wicked against your advancement in life shall continue to come to naught
  4. You have been redeemed to live a sickness-free life and so shall it be for you
  5. Every dying or dead part of your body, bounces back to fullness of life and shall remain so for life
  6. You shall be stepping into your wealthy place from this time forth
  7. 2018 shall still be your year of showers of blessings
  8. From henceforth, the Lord shall continue to show you the way forward at every point in your journey
  9. You shall not suffer anymore set back in your life
  10. No blessing of the Lord shall ever be reverted in your life anymore
  11. You shall continue to experience the hand of the  God of speed in every area of your life
  12. You shall no more be a subject of pity among men, but all men shall continue to envy the hand of God upon your life

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