The ushers provide friendly and welcoming atmosphere in church services They receive worshippers and usher them to their seats. The ushering unit work in collaboration with the crowd control unit to ensure orderliness during services
They assist in distribution of church related materials, such as church service invitation cards, fliers and leaflets

Group of talented men and women who ensure that church services and events are executed with excellence. They are responsible for maintenance of technical equipment, and media coverage of church services and events

The evangelism/ outreach unit of WCI Dallas provide community outreach services and gospel raids. They are men and women committed to the great commission entrusted to the body of Christ, to make disciples of all people irrespective of color and race

Members of the protocol unit provide routine protocol duties within the church premises during services and meetings. They provide logistic formalities during special meetings ensuring hitch-free experiences for our special guests and ministers

The media unit manages the various social media platforms of the church. They provide website content management services to the church. They are men and women skilled in photography, graphic design, social media management skills, video editing

The hospitality unit provides exceptional welcoming experience for all church guests, first timers and new converts during church services and events. They are a group of individuals with passion for service to humanity, making everyone feel at home in the presence of God

The choir/music ministry or WCI Dallas serves to identify, nurture Christ centered musical talents. The unit consists of men and women gifted with talent of singing, playing musical instruments. They minister in special songs, praise and worship to bring the glory of God down in every service

The security and traffic control unit are a people-oriented and interactive unit that ensure safe and seamless experience for all worshippers. They ensure free-flow of traffic before and after services


Members of the crowd control unit work in collaboration with Ushers to ensure orderliness during church services. They ensure free-flow of worshippers into and out of the sanctuary before and after church services.

These are gifted men and women who nurture our children 0- 18years of age, providing guidance through their formative years to adulthood. They serve as teachers to our children, bringing the word of God in a fun and interactive manner

The transportation team exist to meet the transportation needs of all church attendees needing transportation assistance to and from church services and events

The drama unit are highly skilled individuals who use their theatrical skills to encourage, instruct and uplift the church. Their classical acts are scripture-based, phenomenal, unique and entertaining

These are committed men and women in the church devoted to making sure that the house of God is pristine and clean at all times. They ensure that the entire sanctuary, convenience, lobby and various rooms are clean and well organized at all times

The decoration unit is responsible for all interior and exterior beautification of the church. They are creative men and women who bring their specialized skills to ensure that the house of God looks beautiful at all times